Project Approval

The board of school directors voted January 22, 2019 to approve construction bids totaling $82.7 million and the notice for contractors to proceed on the project, which will replace major portions of the school and renovate others.

Major construction is slated to begin in March 2019 on the renovation and reconstruction of Penn Manor High School.

New classroom, agricultural education and athletic wings will be built, along with a new auditorium and upgrades to the school’s HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire suppression, technology and security systems.

The project also will include a new district office at the high school, which will open up space for classrooms at Manor Middle School, where the office is currently located.

Construction bids came in about $4.6 million higher than anticipated, but school district officials are confident the higher costs can be covered without an additional tax increase over the original, four-year funding plan. Penn Manor will be able to cover the additional expenses by using more of its reserve funds than originally planned, said Chris Johnston, the district’s business manager.

Penn Manor has set aside $9.6 million so far for the project and has borrowed $40 million to cover initial phases and plans to borrow another $40 million to complete the project.

The total cost of the project is $99.9 million, and work should be completed by summer 2022.

Here are the bids awarded for the project on January 22, 2019:

General Construction — Lobar Inc.
$53,960,000 base bid

  • +$733,000 add alternate GC-2 New District Administrative Offices
  • +$128,000 add alternate GC-4 Moisture Vapor Reducing Admixture
  • +$108,000 add alternate GC-5 Laminated Safety Glass
  • +$8,700 add alternate GC-8 Group Toilet Partitions to 72”

Total: $54,937,700


HVAC — Myco Mechanical Inc.
$11,944,000 base bid

  • +$230,000 add alternate HC-2 New District Administrative Offices

Total: $12,174,000


Plumbing — Jay R. Reynolds, Inc.
$3,294,100 base bid

  • +$20,800 add alternate PC-2 New District Administrative Offices
  • -$55,000 deduct alternate PC-3 Manual Mixing Valve
  • +$22,000 add alternate PC-4 Instantaneous Water Heaters

Total: $3,281,900


Electrical — Boro Construction
$8,477,000 base bid

  • +$50,000 add alternate EC-1 Unclassified Rock Excavation
  • +$96,000 add alternate EC-2 New District Administrative Offices
  • +$25,000 add alternate EC-3 Auxiliary Gym Sound System
  • -$165,000 deduct alternate EC-4 Change 200A and Above Feeders/Conduit to Aluminum
  • -$84,000 deduct alternate EC-5 Change Outdoor Pad Transformer Conductors to Aluminum

Total: $8,399,000


Technology — Pagoda Inc.
$2,042,743 base bid

  • +$49,500 add alternate TC-2 New District Administrative Offices

Total: $2,092,243


Fire Protection — S.A. Comunale Co. Inc.
$1,759,428 base bid

  • +$118,180 add alternate FPC-2 New District Administrative Offices

Total: $1,877,608